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2 part deer smoke with q view

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Wow its been a while since I've posted pics on here, so here we go!!!

Decided to smkoe up some deer today.

First part of the smoke is a roast that marinaded overnight, got rubbed down witha homemade sweet and spicy rub abd is smoking over hickory.

Part two a little later will be tenderloin.

Here are some pics to whet the appetite!
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Looks like a great start what temp are you taking it to?
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I normally take deer to about 155, I find the kids eat it well there, unless I plan on pulling it to make chili, then it hits 190.
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Looking good so far. Deer is especially good on the smoker.
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Here's another peek, just before I mopped the roast for the first time, gonna check temps in about 1/2 an hour or so, should be getting close to prep time for the tenderloin!!!
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Tenderloin time!!!! That roast is lookin and smellin good too!!! I have to agre with Bassman, smoked is my fave way to eat deer.
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Looks fantastic Tommiegunnz.... gotta love that venison. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Ok sorry for the late finish, my wife and kids went out of town with the camera.

Unfortunately when I brought the meat to my buddies house and started cutting people fell into it like ravenous wolves so I didn't get any sliced pics, but the tenderloin did melt in the mouth.
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looks good. smoked a couple roasts with the meat on the 4th. the deer was all gone fast.
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Wow. 190 degrees and you can pull your venison? Those northern deer must be different from ours.
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Why... What would happen to yours?

Why... What would happen to yours?
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Ever eat shoe leather? icon_smile.gif
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I have NEVER been able to cook venison that was edible until I was
introduced to a smoked plate of it.. All the time I thought that U had to grind it into burger in order to be able to eat it. It gave me an even BIGGER respect for the indians that were here before us.
I tried smoking it low and slow as instructed. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
The first time I had a bit TOO much smoke flavor but it was WAY better than any I have ever done before.
Looks like U done good. Hemi..
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Does it still get that deer taste by smoking it? I hate venison unless its mixed with a bunch of other stuff to mask its taste.
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I got to try smoking a tenderloin sometime!!!! That looks really tasty. Never have done any venison .... except for sausge, snack sticks, venison bacon.... but not a ROAST.... I got to try it sometime!!! Looks Good....
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Looks like some tenderloins and some sliced backstraps to me. Am I right?
Looking good.
Gonna have to pull some out of the freezer soon, but I won't have the tenderloins, those go on the grill the evening of the kill!!!
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