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What does 2,2,1 mean with Ribs

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What does 2,2,1 mean with Ribs?
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2 hours on the heat, 2 hours wrapped in foil back on the heat, 1 hour taken out of foil and back on the heat
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what he said, except usually you add some type of liquid in with the foil so that the meat can braise and become very tender. I have used everything from beer to cherry juice, most folks use apple juice.
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What fireitup a link:
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Whats the most popular temp for this method...
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Depends on who you ask. icon_mrgreen.gif

Anywhere between 225° and 250° is what most folks go with.

I prefer something in the 240s but don't panic if it creeps up a little even into the 250s towards the end.

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You mean of the cooker? Or temp of the meat? When I started cooking ribs, I would let them hit 180ish internal for 1/2 hour. But the mentors here convinced me to use the force, and cook ribs by sight. At 230ish in the cooker, the meat will pull back about 1/4 inch from the end of the bones. At that point, it's into the foil for a couple of hours.

Temp for the cooker, I like right around 225-230. But the world isn't perfect, and on days when my fine Spanish smoker (El Cheapo) is being a brat, I've had decent ribs even at much higher temps.
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Ok I know this is an old post but the line about his Spanish Smoker (El Cheapo) made me laugh out loud here at work! LOL Nice one Big Steve!!! 

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