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Druuuuummmm Ribs!

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First rack a spares outa the drum. Did 3-2-sorta 1 on em, actually pulled em after bout 45 minutes.

Here be the four racks. Nice an tender yet still on the bone. Had some a the trimmins earlier, boy they were tastey! These er covered with my honey/butter glaze.
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Man those are some pretty looking ribs
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Beautiful!!! Yummm . . . .
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That's some mit tastey lookin ribs there. Congrats
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Tip, that's a fine lookin' batch of spares! The glaze looks great! Nice smoke...keep 'em coming, my man.

Thanks for sharing.

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Real nice looking ribs ya got there.
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Looks great Tip makes me want some ribs and I just finished dinner
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Absolutely beautiful biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif
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Great work... They look wonderful!
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Sure do look good!
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That glaze on the ribs from the sauce is is absolutely stunning. Great job and thanks for the view.....I'm hungry again.
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Picture perfect Tip.
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Those look delicious, Tip. Looks like you have the drum smoker technique down already. smile.gif
post #14 of 19 always turn out a perty rib.Fine job as usual.
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Attachment 21424Yeah Man!......fine work! My drum is work inprogress.
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Great looking ribs Tip! Nice drum work!
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Man those ribs are so beautiful that I could taste'm through the screen!!!
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Dem dar are sum guuuuuud lookin' ribs!!! Really nice going travcoman45!!!
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Great looking ribs, that glaze really sets them off. Congrats my friend.
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