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Not the animal...the plant. :)

The lambsquarter is coming up thick around my farm this spring...

I gather the young tender plants...

I sort and wash them...

Gathered some wild onions...

Fried some of my pepper bacon..

Sauteed the wild onion in the bacon drippings and a bit of butter..

Added my lambsquarter and cooked til tender, then topped with the crispy bacon...

The lambsquarter with a hunka cured smoked pork...

Thanks for checking out my supper!
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Looks fantastic great meal PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks Jeanie...gonna give em a try!!
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Good looking meal, Jeanie! I think the lambs quarter is what one of my employees calls wild spinach. I haven't tried it myself.
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Thanks Piney, Gene and Keith! They are pretty tasty weeds. lol
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Ok Jeanie. Us northern members are heading down on a bus for dinner at your place. At least 20 of us. We aren't bring a thing but beer.
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lol Scott.. I ain't skeered. biggrin.gif
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How kinna ya tell the forequarters from the hindquarters on them plants?biggrin.gif
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thats looks really really good. Where do you get lambquarter I see the pics but I have never heard or seen them????
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I must admit - I looked at this with the expectation of some lamb meat! icon_lol.gif Sure looks good though!
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Thank you Pops, Mballi and JJRokkett! biggrin.gif
MBalli, they grow in several areas around my farm. I just use the young tender plants though. The older plants get bitter. Hope you try them sometime!
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Fresh green and smoked meats= awesome.I have been sauteeing(spelling) spinach all week from garden with fresh garden greens in salads-eating like my garden rabbits until heat arrives.Thank you for excellent q-view on using natures bounty.
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Thanks Alex! Your spinach sounds great too! Mine's not quite big enough to eat yet.

Here's a pic of the cured, smoked hunka pork..... from my back yard too. :)

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