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brisket smoke

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i just put in a five pound brisket in my ecb, it is 10:30 in california and would like to know if i can plan on it being ready at 5:00 pm. I am shooting for 1-1:30 hrs per pound.this this about right.thanks.Also how long does a tri-tip take, i bought a 2 and a half pounder. i was planning three hours.thanks again.Cheers from CALIFORNIA!
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Hi Efrain! Each piece of meat will behave differently so there is no real timetable for smoking a brisket. Some brikets take an hour a pound other close to two, so you can never really tell.

You might be OK though, you did leave yourself some wiggle room. The meat will also stall or plataue. It will stop at a certain temp and seem like its the same temp forever. It will eventually start climbing in temp again so don't panic. Good luck and tell us how it turns out!

Here is a link to help you with your brisket smoke.

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what ^ says-also what temps u smoking at? that makes a big diff.
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225-250, thats been consistent.
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