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Spare Ribs Question

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I've done BB's a lot. What is your best method for spares? 3-2-1? They are trimmed up and marinating now. Just need to decide which method to go with? Well decided...going with 3-2-1.
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hi, cajun - learn from my mistakes! click here for a great method that i came up with!
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Thanks TW. Sounds good that way
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since yu've got them marinating, the "before the smoke" section is moot, but the rest of it might be helpful. next time you make them, if you try this method, let me know how it goes.

the dr. pepper in the mop works great - i am experimenting today with orange pop on a pork shoulder - i have heard of others using 7-up and also mtn dew. i've tried the mtn dew mop (straight with no soy or olive oil) and it tastes very good with a sweet, sunny twist.
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Hey thanks for posting that link, Ron's ribs sound excellent! This just moved to the top of my ribs list. points.gif
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rivet - glad you like the idea. it took me all spring and summer to evolve that, and it's dang near foolproof. now with one year under my beslt, i'm starting to experiment a little bit, but all of it is based on that basic method.
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Well here they are going on the smoker. Have 4 ribeyes I am going to throw on a little later. Should be good. We shall see...

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looking excellent!
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Dependin on them spares, I do the 3-2-1 er sumtin close, sumtimes might be 2.5 2 an 1. The one might drop down ta a half to, I pull my ribs when I see the bone comin out an pick em up with tongs an they bend real nice. Each rack is a bit different then the others, but it be a general rule ta foller!

Sides, there ain't no bad ribs, there be good ribs, really good ribs an wow, that was a religous experience ribs!
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Hmm I have a Cherry Dr. Pepper in the fridge, I wonder how that might work in this mop.
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give it a try, bud - i guarantee it won't hurt! dr. pepper and bbq pork seem to go together. the addition of a little soy, if you want, will enhance it all.

one thing's for sure - be sure to add just a bit of oil of some kind. i use olive oil, but any cooking oil will do. this will keep the ribs moist and help them get a good shine on, especially early on before they start rendering their fat and making their own baste.

never be afraid to experiment!

amen to that, travco!
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Well they are about done. Just pulled them out of the foil after 2 hours and slathered on some honey and Head Country BBQ Sauce. Man it smells good.

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You say it smells good. Looks like it's gonna taste good too. Nice job.
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Thanks. Well it is done. Spare Ribs, Cajun Sausage with a little Head Country on them and some creamy coleslaw. Stumbled acorss the recipe in a cookbook and it is good. Time to eat and have a brewsky.

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vey nice looking - i'd call that a success!
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Thanks TW. Going to try your version on the next one
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let me know how it works for you - also, if you do any modifications, let me know how they work out, as there is ALWAYS room for improvement!
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