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Pastrami, finally some pastrami!!!

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March was a bad month for looking on the forum.
So many of you were smoking pastrami, getting great deals on corned beef, loving life as I sat here and cried with my local stores carrying even point cut for as much as $1.49 lb.
Today I went to Shoprite to get some milk and browsed the meat section thinking of things to smoke and I found flat cut corned beef for .99 cents a pound.
I grabbed 2 three pounders and one 2 pounder to smoke up. Would have gotten more and froze them but I wanted to check on here and see how well they hold up after being corned and then frozen (any info on that is welcome).

I'll update as they cook and after they rest and I slice them tomorrow as well.
PignIt Had a nice pastrami Qview (http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/sho...astrami&page=3) so I am following his temp/time table and will go to 140 then wrap and bring up to 180, rest and refridgerate. Thanks go out to you PignIt.

8 lbs of brisket...

Spice rub I used...

Rub consisted of kosher, coriander, mustard seed, paprika, pepper, garlic, brown sugar, onion. One is also mixed with a packet of the pickling spice that comes with corned beef, one has adobo seasoning and the other has bacon salt added to it.

Right before they hit the heat...

I'm crossing my fingers on this one.
Wish me luck, and hope you enjoy my Qview.
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Go back and buy a bunch. That's a terrific price. I thought I was doing good at $2.99/lb. There is no reason they will not hold up well to freezing.

Looks like the sodium content on those packages is 1150mg/4 oz. Did you soak them or do a fry test?

Mine were only 220mg/4 oz and they were plenty salty without soaking. I would definitely soak these for at least 24 hrs. Maybe 48 hrs. I would also do one at the 180 finishing temp and another at 200 and see which one you like best.

Can't wait to see the results.
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Good score. Last year in May I or should say EX found at cost co, USDA choice corned beef flats at $1 a pound, and told me she bought one for her and my son... HMMM.... I asked her if she bought me any, and of course>>> NOT.

I went by the next day and they still had a lot, so I bought 15 and vacuum bagged them froze. As of a couple weeks ago I did up to pastrami's mmmmmmmmmmmm, as good as the day I bought them. I soaked mine for 24 hours, they were scrumptious thanks to the recipes on this forum.

Hopefully you buy more and freeze them, at that price you can’t come close with any kind of beef.

A real novel idea, a couple of weeks ago, I even did up two in the pressure cooker for Saint Patty's day.

Aka Rocky
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I find soaking my corned beef that 24 to 36 hours soak with lots of water changes (1 hour change for the first 4 hours [4], then 2 hour change next 8 hours[4], then finishing with 2 to 4, 6 hour changes) ends up with 24 to 36 hours and the pastrami is not so salty.

When i can afford it i'll buy 2 or 3 whole corned briskets to smoke. My preference is to smoke to 180 but my wife likes it better at 200 so i do her preferance to keep her happy
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If I could find anywhere near that price here, I'd be stocking up! I haven't made pastrami yet but for under a dollar a pound I'd be right on it. Thanks for the pics.
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.99!! awesome price. I can't wait to see the finished product!
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That is a great price. Also look at the expiration date, they may last a good time.

Waiting for the finish.
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Looks wonderful... Thanks for the ingredients of your rub... Im looking for a good one to use next weekend...
I want to smoke this weekend but I have a firearms training course this weekend...

I can't wait to see the results!!!
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You're off to a great start. I'm looking forward to seeing the results. biggrin.gif
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Here are my finished pics. The pastrami came out pretty good. A bit dry but very tender and a LOT cheaper than buying it from the deli.
Special thanks to Ron for a few helpful tips.

Sliced them up by hand (no slicer) and made up some plates to take to family members.
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Nice job! Everything looks delicious. icon_smile.gif
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Execellent job Fire it up. It all looks wonderful. I hope you went back and stocked the freezer. points.gif
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Looks excellent!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I think we might be family. I'll be waiting for my plate.
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You are welcome.

Looks great sorry it was a bit dry. Did you have a drip pan for a little juice for reheating? That always helps to reconstitute it and make it juicy. It is better when you steam it, I don't know if you did. I either use a rice steamer or just a skillet with a rack and a little water on the stove top.

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When they do pastrami's professionally don't they smoke them to around 140* for a few hours and then steam them till tender?
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I haven't tried any steamed reheated yet. Last time I made some it was kind of bad but then I steamed it and it was at least edible. Made a few pastrami sandwiches but they were cold, not bad. Later today I am going to steam a chunk and see how it is. I take a large pot and unscrew the handle on a steam pan I have, it has lots of holes in it, then I put it in the pot with a little water upside down and lay the meat on that, worked great last time.
After I get some steamed I'' take a few pics and add that to a sandwich, grill it and take some more pics and post them.
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Loks good I picked up a few also. I had 2 in the freezer from last year,came out great. I'm sure I could have left them for another year if need be.
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Finally got around to making and taking a few pics of the steam cut of meat and the sandwiches I made.

So first I rough chopped a clove of garlic and put it in the water I was steaming with hoping it would impart a garlic flavor...but it didn't...

Next I threw in a hunk of beef and steamed for about an hour...

Turned out drier than last time I steamed, maybe because I had 2 exposed ends while steaming?
Here is the beef all sliced...

Threw on a few slices of provolone and under the broiler...

I dressed mine with some LTO and Tobasco spicy brown mustard, my brother doesn't go for greens or mustards, just meat and potatoes, so he had his just meat and cheese...

Served with some seasoned cross cut fries that I added additional seasoning to. Some creole seasoning and some bacon salt...

Over all sandwiches were really good, though I prefer them with pepper jack, I think it gives it a great flavor with a little kick.
I'm starting to run low on pastrami, need to smoke some more up soon.
Well, time to go check on the plants and make sure everyone is happy.
Happy smoking everyone, and thanks for looking.
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Great job on the strami f i u!!!
The sammies look perfect!!
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