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I just ate and looking at these makes me hungry again. Gotta try these soon! Thanks!
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is "slider" a regional name? Never heard it before. Is there any difference between a burger and a slider?
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Thank you folks!
Terry I like your horseradish idea...that would add a nice kick!cool.gif
Cajun, thank you so much! :)
mamunoz, Your way of making patties sounds great, I will give it a try next time. Thanks!
ndunkin, thank you! Hope you give them a try sometime. :)
lownslow, Not sure if it's a regional thing or not. Around here a slider is a small hamburger that is supposed to be so greasy it slides down your throat. lol
The chains that make them sell them by the sack full. You can get a bag full of sliders for a few bucks. :)
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not to step on Cowgirl's toes but the "slyder" (as they spell it) means it slides in and it slides out...if you get my meaning. It's most famous from the White Castle hamburger chain. A nasty yet somehow tasty burger that they used to sell for like $0.10 each. So on a good night of partying you could load up on your way home and in the morning the "slider" part would hit you.

Trust me, cowgirl's sliders are a poor imitation of the original. And by "poor" I mean they totally kick the heck out of anything you can buy for $0.60.

All hail cowgirl!
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Dude you are absolutely right. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
White Castle calls their burgers Slyders, it's a trademark of their little gut bombs. PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif Others call their's Sliders.. (cheap imitations)

I like them cause I can brag to my friends that I ate 2 or 3 burgers in one sitting. Makes me feel like I've accomplished something. lol
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You guys are bringing back some old memories!! Nothing like partying all night then you and all your buddies head over to white castle at 3:00 a.m. Often the line was out the door just waiting to get in. But after a few slyders, all was good. Being Jeanie's "icon_lol.gif Official Taste Testericon_lol.gif " White Castle has alot of catchin' up to do. For more info on Slyders don't forget to check out Harold & Kumar go to White Castle.
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We called them "Sliders" for the reason the dude abides gave.

But what I remember most about them is the fact that the whole next day you couldn't >burp!< forget them.
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lol They "slide" right through. PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif

SmokingScooby...would you believe it. I've never seen that movie! I will check it out. Thanks!
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I tried these Sunday and they were great (I did forget the onion soup mix). Also threw on some wings. It made a nice quick smoke. With the weather we've had I'm just glad to get the chance. The rolls were just the right size.
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Ray, glad to hear they worked out for you!! I really like the little hawaiian buns. :)
Wings and sliders...sounds like a perfect meal. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Haha, I'm not sure why but that made me laugh
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lol ........biggrin.gif
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I've never heard of a slider, those look and sound really good!
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love this site! thanks for the slider/slyder education, sorry for the slight hijack.
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No worries man. That's what this is all about!
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I tried White Castle once, just once!

But these look really good, going to give them a try.
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