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Bump for worthy thread
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I would say if it wasnt for the first amendment we wouldnt have any other amendments. Maybe the founding fathers thought it was more important to have freedom of speech as the first amendment we read.

Also, not to be on the opposite side of everyone but the right to bear arms is not a right. Freedom of speech is a right. No matter what laws you break, no matter what crimes you do, a person will always have freedom of speech. If you commit a crime with a gun or have a domestic violence wrap you will most likely lose your "right" to bear arms LEGALLY.

Now before everyone gets bent out of shape, i am a gun owner. I just find it hard when i see information represented incorrectly. I am sure some of the people here will not like my views, but im okay with that.

None the less, free membership to anything is always good.
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kris - absolutely no disrespect or malice intended here, but i think that a lot of people who were killed or otherwise repressed under hitler, stalin, pol pot, idi amin, castro etc. would disagree with you.

the first amendment represents the ideals - the 2nd amendment represents the means to have and advance those ideals. as long as we have arms and the freedom to use them, we will NOT be victims of any future hitler, stalin, pol pot, idi amin, castro etc.
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i have family that fell victim to hitler.

I think everyone can interpret laws, guidelines, values to their benefits.
This is where spirited debates come in to play, right:)
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Not to ruin a worthy thread but...You also can't yell FIRE in a crowded theatre so our first Amendment is also limited.

Really a great link, thanks!
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it is limited, but it can never be taken away from you. the right to bear arms can be taken away.

Anyhow, i dont want to take away from the thread anymore. I realize this is a forum for EATING, and eating well. If anyone tried to take my smoker away from me ...PDT_Armataz_01_35.gif
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That is only because we are allowing it to be taken from us. What is needed is enforcement of current laws. There are well over 12,000 gun laws on the books. One would think that they have everything covered by this time.

As has been stated, without the Second Amendment all the other Freedoms would disappear one by one. That would include the Freedom of Speech. History has shown this over & over again. We would be no different.

THE ICEMAN - NRA Patron Life Member
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