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Yard bird 1st smoke on new GOSM qview

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Spatched this puppy. Skin was a little rubbery, but the moist tasty meat was awesome. I am really happy with the first effort.

In the smoker:

4.5 hours later

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Congrats on a successful first run, fourthwind. That's a tasty lookin' bird for sure.
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Beauty.Love that color.What type of wood.I have been grill smoking birds at 300 lately ,but i have to foil wings-or they are toast.Pecan or cherry for me lately.Nice job.
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Nice lookin bird! Keep up the good work!
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That was mostly mesquite with a handful of Jack Daniels white oak. I kept this one at 225 for 3 hours 45 min. Then bumped it up to 300 for 45 minutes. My next attempt will be at a higher temp to see if I can find that balance of moist and tasty meat and crispy skin without grilling the bird after smoking. I basted the top with a zesty itlaian dressing 3 times during the smoke.
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I switched to higher heat on my birds- but yeah they cook quicker and like the crisp- but fine line on overcooked.
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If you want a crispy skin just finish it on the grill or on higher heat the last 30 minutes.
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Brine the bird to help keep it from drying out. You don't need low and slow for poultry, so you can keep it at 350 or more to help crisp it up. I actually smoke it at 450 for for about 45 min., then drop it to 350 for a crispy skin. You'll find a happy medium, it's all good my friend.
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Good looking bird. You've received good advice about the temperatures. Crispy skin is good.
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What is a Big Box? Is that the same as the Big Block? What are the measurements and where did you get it?
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yeah big box big block.. Just different verbage for the same smoker. It's the 24" wide unit, and I got it at Bass Pro. I sure love the thing.
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Grats on your new gosm, I sure love mine.
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Sure is a fine lookin bird!!
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