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Baked Steak with Biscuits & Gravy Smoke

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I made some baked steak on my drum for supper last night. Made lots so I would have leftovers.

I seasoned some tenderized steaks and floured them...
Then quickly browned them....

Made creamy pan gravy with the drippings...
Rehydrated some morels from last season...

Topped the steaks with the gravy, some sliced onions and the morels...

Made a batch of biscuits....

Added a slice of jalapeno bacon, onion, butter and seasonings to a couple of tatoes

Into my drum.......

Drank a few beers.....

Poked it to see if it was done....

It was...

The baked steak had a nice smoke ring too. :)
It was tasty and I'll have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

Thanks for checking out my smoked /baked steak....biscuits and gravy supper. :)
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Yet another fine meal. biggrin.gif Looks good.
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Well Jeanie, you've done it again. Thanks for the Qview. Made me hungry already this morning.PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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That looks amazing!
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Thanks folks! It was pretty tasty. :)
I've made this on my horizontal wood burner before, but had not tried it on my drum. I like the way the drum browns my biscuits. biggrin.gif
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Very nice Jeanie. I bet it WAS tasty.
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Looks great! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Your qview it just plain makes me hungry, how much would it take for you to come and cook for me??
That really looks awesomeicon_exclaim.gif
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Wow, that does look delicious. It was gonna be a couple a donuts for breakfast but might just have to find some biscuits and gravy instead.
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Dag gone that sure looks tasty. You have beautiful biscuits Jeanie , the gravy looks good too
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wow that looks great what temp was ya runnenPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif points to ya.
i gots to try some biscuits.
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Nice southern breakfast you got there. Makes me want to visit the in-laws.

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I call dibs on the leftovers neighbor. I'll be right over to pick em up.
It all looks delicious. Did the gravy get a good smoke flavor to it?

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Jeanie you're downright amazing. Great looking dinner!
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Awesome as always, Jeanie.. Just curious, is that a longhorn beer coozie being used by an okie?PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Looks good!

Looks great as usual. I would like to know more about jalapeno bacon!
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Wow!! Looks great! As a Husker, seeing an Okie with a Longhorn Coozie is a bit confusing, but hey, it's all good. We Huskers are in no shape to discuss such matters anyhow.
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lolol..... That darned coozie was a gift from my Texas friends... Sure has caused me a lot of grief! biggrin.gif

Thanks for the kind words folks!
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Thanks Azrocker! Here's a link to my jalapeno bacon thread.


It's pretty tasty stuff. :)
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