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Last 4 bags of RO

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Gloria was at Wal Mart and called to ask me if I needed charcoal. I said yes and what do they have? She said they have some RO made in the USA for $6.30 for a 10 lb. bag. I asked her how much did they have, and she said 4 bags. So, That's what I ended up with, along with a small bag od Kingsford which she said was my backup (huh?). RO can be hard to find as some of you know. This was at the La habra store, don't know if it's available at any other location. Probably not the best price, but at least I've got some decent charcoal.
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I think it is a great price fo RO lump. I got the same bag (USA, 8 of em) for 6.99 a each and I thought that was a steal. Lasted me about 6 months. I am on my last one.
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I just ran this week. I hope I can find some this coming weekend.
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RO is also downsizing the size of it's bags. I finally got my hands on some, used the free ship to store option at Though I was getting four 20lb bags. Turns out I got 17.63 lb bags, think the 10lb will be going to 8.8 lb. They only stock the larger bag.

Can't complain about the site, they gave me credit for one bag after I called looking for my lost lump icon_smile.gif. Said they forgot to change the weight on the site.

Here's a link. They have store affiliates all over the country if your in a pinch for RO.
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My local Wal mart said they are only carrying the 10 lb. bags. Too bad, the 20 lb. made it a lot more practical. The new and improved?
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Yup, Wal-Mart in the KC/Lawrence/Topeka area is changing over the the smaller bags now. They tell me it will be nationwide by Easter.
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Have you noticed that no where on the RO bag does it state that it is hardwood lump, just all natural. I am being to wonder how to take that of late with the amount of bark i have been finding in them of late. It doesnt look like hardwood bark either. The quality has declined over the last six months.
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Thanks for warning.My local restraunt depot has at least 20 pallets of the 20 pound bags at 8.99 bag.I will get a dozen bags this weekend.
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Grab all you can.
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RO Chef's best

Is this stuff the same as the orange bag? Here is what the stuff looks like. I got 2 40 lb bags at a local home improvement store but haven't tried it yet.
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Those are the briquetts, as opposed to lump.Lump tends to flare up some when lid is opened, and has the appearance of burned wood.Lump will burn hotter-but yes that is royal oak.I use lump for shorter smokes and combo of both for longer.
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Premium Blend?

Looks like CharCoal will have as many brands and flavors as cigarettes these days which sucks!
my slogan has become, PAY MORE AND GET LESS!

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My local Walmart Supercenter has 2 full pallets of Royal Oak...not to mention 2 or 3 truckloads of Kingsford on the shelves. I'm gonna stock up soon!
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I was hoarding the Royal Oak until I saw that dang near every Walmart in my area has two pallets or more. According to oone of the employees, it can and will be reordered until they are told to stop.
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Those are the brickets, not lump, that stuff is more like Kingsford, which will produce more ash than lump.

I picked up 6 bags of RO yesterday at wally world for $6.37 each, what makes me mad is the same bags of RO on the same pallet were going for $5.19 just a month or so ago. I know it was the same pallet because it had the same graffiti all over it. icon_evil.gif I have about 15 bags stock piled in my garage, so hopefully I can find a sale between now and when I run out.
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Solar! Where ya been snp guy? PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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