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Chipotle with pics

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30 jalapenos sliced and seeds removed (couldn't find red ones). I hope there is no one left who thinks the seeds contain the heat, its all in the interior ribs. Dont believe me, pop an entire rib in your mouth icon_evil.gif . The seeds add bitterness.

preped and ready to go in (no honey I don't know where those hangers went)

Waiting for the TBS

OOh look I turned the pretty green peppers into cat turds, tasty cat turds. Also pictured on the bottom is some Hatch green chile that I smoked at the same time. The green chile came out really good, haven't tried the chipotle yet.

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That looks like beef jerky!
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I know. It tastes like green chile jerky, its crazy good just like that. My next experiment will be to put a layer of the chile on top of some sliced elk then twist it up and smoke it. Sounds like I'm gonna try and get high but really I'm going for a little jerky snack stick with out the casing.
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Make sure you report back on that one.

Maybe you smoke the chili a lil first then use it like a cigar wrapper for the meat? Or Vice Versa.

Now I sound high but I bet there is a method to my madness.
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Nice job on the chiles. What temp did you smoke them at, and was that Hatch chile already peeled? I have hot smoked serranos with the same results as your jalapenos, on the Hatch I fire roast them, peel them, then give them a cold smoke. No matter how you do it, it's all good my friend.
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They do look great. So many things to smoke.

May sound crazy, but yeah, I guess like everyone says: If you can eat it smoke it!

I'm curious: does smoking chiles and such mellow them out some?

I know that fire roasting will make them alot more edible for those with a sensitive tongue.

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smoked low temp 130-150. Hatch were fire roasted, pealed and frozen. I then took a bag out and smoked. They dried out pretty fast.

Hard to tell if it mellowed them out. They get so much smaller and more concentrated so the heat does too. I doubt it really does mellow them out. They have a pretty good bite.

Just made up some adobo sauce but the receipe I used made it too vinegary.
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