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10,000 posts

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has anyone hit this mark yet..and if so who??confused.gifconfused.gif
and if not who is closer or who will it be to hit this mark
also will there be some kind of celebration for this achievment
just a question i had in mind..i know some of you are close to this if it has not been done yet icon_idea.gificon_idea.gif
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Don't mean nuthin except you got a lotta hot air, like to ramble and answer your own
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Richtee will be there by X-mas:-)

--no hot air there though, right RICH?
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Only in my smoker. Sir ;{)

I'd have alot less posts if I din't have to repeat myself so much be fair ;{)
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We value posts like this:

A lot of posts will have your profile move on up the food chain. We value participation. However, one post that a moderator elects to make a sticky is worth ten times more than a thousand posts in the Jokes section.

There are folks on the forum with fairly low post counts considering their time on board. But you will find that their posts are generally informative and helpful.

Then there are folks with scads of posts and most of those posts are not really informative but more social.

We have elected to maintain a club like atmosphere at the SMF. We value everyone's participation. So, whether your posts all contain recipes or only a few posts contain recipes and Q View, youir participation here is always welcomed.

This is not a site where you will be beaten up for posting anything you would like to share. (Within reason, of course) And if anyone ever gives you a hard time about a post or the topic therin, just alert a Moderator. We'll make sure that there is no uppity attitude in the SMF sandbox!

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Richtee, you will have to smoke something and send out samples to all memebers when ya hit 10K for celebration. Looking forward to it. I enjoy your posts.
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Didn't hear ya. Say again.........PDT_Armataz_01_15.gif
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Thanks Monty for this.

I have to say that I am one of those who posts a lot, because basically I have no life. On other forums it is considered polite to welcome everyone who posts in Roll Call. It sets a nice tone for the newbie’s. I know I sure enjoyed the response I received on here when I first signed up.
However when I tried answering all the new posts in Roll call I quickly realized what a huge number of daily sign ups SMF gets.
So Now I read all the new roll call posts and if they are from my area or I have something in common with the poster I will reply.

I do try to keep my ramblings on topic and hopefully helpful. I have just signed up to photobucket and learned to post Q-view which I understand is the creme de la creme of desired posts. It is the friendly tone of SMF that keeps me interested in this site and I am sure that is the case with others too. Cheers
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