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How long for 1lb fatty?

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Perhaps I'm missing it in the searches I'm trying, or it's just not actually posted anywhere (a sticky would be handy in this forum!), but what are rough cooking times/temps for fatties?

I'm trying my hand at my first one today but I've no idea how long I need to cook it for to get to the magic temperature. I'm using just over a pound of ground pork, stuffed with cheese, green peppers, and onions.

I've also got a few racks of ribs on (started an hour ago, smoker at 210) so I'm trying to time things so that they're done as close as possible together.

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Just did 1 this morning.....I put a probe in and pulled the fatties at 160 degrees F.
It took about 2.5 hrs.
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I would reckon on 2:15 - 3:00 time wise, however when they hit 165 internal they are done.

Enjoy your first fatty, I can assure you it will be the first of many :)

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Might wanna up your temps a bit. 225-250 will help with time.
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Ya, 250* should only take an hour or so, pull at 160*. cool.gif
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Well, with the ribs on at the same time I don't want to get the temps too high and ruin the ribs at the expense of the fatty. I don't mind if the fatty takes longer, I'll just put it on earlier.

As always, thanks everyone.
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You will not ruin the ribs. The temps are too low for both. Unless you enjoy the extra couple hours. Read the recent thread "Tough ribs".
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Ya, again....ruin the ribs???

Absolutely no reason to cook at 210*.

Minimum 225 and nothein wrong with 250*!
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I did a fatty yesterday and it took just over 2 1/2 hours at 230degrees. Good luck with your Q
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I've always (for several years now) smoked ribs at 210, although I see spikes into the 220-230 range when refueling which is probably dragging my average higher. The extra time doesn't matter to me and I find the results better then cooking faster at higher temps. They always come out fall-off-the-bone tender - never any problems with them being tough.

So long as they get to 170 internally how we all get there is matter of preference, IMHO.
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Nothing really wrong with the lower temp, it will just take you longer. Also I would not worry about internal temp with ribs. Not enough meat on them to get an accurate reading. The bone tends to throw off the temp reading.
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As long as they hit 140° within 4 hours... just get an extra six pack cool.gif
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so far haven't had the smoker beyond 200. But seems to cook faster than charcoal smokers even at that temp.
And yep pulled everything at 165 so far. 2-3 hours.
I've been getting up to about 150 fairly quickly then lowering smoker temp so I get a longer cook.
Fatties have been great.

Haven't tried pulling pork yet. So that will be interesting. given i can do lower temps easier than high ones.
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