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Heavy Traffic

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Some heavy traffic going down my road this morning......

Edited by cowgirl - 7/25/11 at 5:47pm
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Hmmm, I see alot of briskets in your future Jeanie.
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LOL how many made it into the freezer,know what you'll be Qviewing for a while.
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cool, is that mostly sage in the background??? looks like where we hunt lopers in montana.
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Well, I envy your view! I live in a rural area, but city life is moving in. My hope is to retire somewhere I can see that kind of view! Thanks for sharing!
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Time ta fill the freezer!
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Now's that's a Sizzler moment!
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Real NICE pix Cowgirl!!!
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was you able to deter one or two them to the pix
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aka patty lol
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Where's the beef?????
Wow, thats alot of beef. I would love to see that in my front yard.
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Really nice!

Uhh, were here any extra's, strays or just plain hapless stragglers?

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Thanks folks....
I ended up putting my coffee down and helping. :)

Erain...I have a lot of yucca and sage here.... this is across the road from my front porch. lol I do get lots of deer too...

edited to add... I didn't keep any of them, I think they still hang folks for rustling cattle around

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PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif Cowgirl; Love the view. I can tell that is a good horse from here. I'm glad it was't Holsteins either. they drop big bombs. Do you have any pecans this year or wild plums? Love those pies and jellies. Semper Fi from Sedalia, MO. Rich
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