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i just drooled all over myself.cant wait for deer season again.biggrin.gif
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Whats the title of the book,I would like to check it out.need new ideas other than bambi-burgers.
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Great Sausage Recipes and Meat Curing by Rytek Kutas. This is the guy that runs The Sausage Maker. A lot of the members of this site believe that if you are only going to have one book on sausage, this is the one to have.

I checked this book out plus all the other books on the subject of sausage making & charcuterie at our local library. Of the 5 or 6, this one was by far the best. I'm going to put this book on my Christmas/birthday list so I have my own copy.

I also have Charcuterie: The Craft of Salting, Smoking, and Curing by Michael Ruhlman and Brian Polcyn. These two books will go a long way toward teaching you everything you need to know about making, curing, and smoking sausage, plus a lot of great recipes. I usually start by following the recipes as closely as possible, then try adjusting according to my own tastes the next time around. I take notes and like to weigh all my ingredients so I know exactly what goes in. I find that especially when it comes to spicy sausage that the recipes are on the mild side.
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Great looking final product on the sausage. If you want a darker color on your casings mix some food coloring and water, then spray the casings a couple of times while hanging and let dry. Thats what I used to do for the people who wanted a darker red on there sticks. They would always thank me for putting in the extra smoke time lol. Little did they know.
As PantherFan83 stated by checking out the book from the library is good way to review a book before buying. If your local library does not have it you can do a web search and they can get it in for you. They have a web site that you can go online and have it sent to your local area library and then they can contact you when it gets in. I do this take couple days to look it over copy any recipes I need and then send back.
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hum. i just got my first sausage maker catalog last winter. had already ordered my stuff but they had some good looking stuff. may try them this go round.

by the way the sausage looks good. cure looked like it worked great. pink and well smoked.

i have been using soy protien concentrate the past year in my sausage and snack sticks. hold moisture and binds meat. seems to make sausages much moister. keep up the good work.

ive got about 6" of a roll left and ill have to shoot grind cure and smoke to enjoy more.PDT_Armataz_01_07.gif
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This one came from Lake Powell, Utah. There are a few smaller lakes that I like also. This is another one (not quite as big) that came from another small lake in Utah. Bass fishing in Colorado is not the greatest but I'm not that far from Utah. Don't pay any attention to the old man in the picbiggrin.gif.

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That looks fantastic nice job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great looking smoked sausage! that's a fish! nice!!
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