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First Brisket in MES - Suggestions

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Looking for some suggestions on how to prep a 13# packer brisket for a 30" MES.

Should I seperate the point from the flat before smoking?

Have a couple friends over for dinner is around 6pm. What's the best plan for having it ready to go? My wife handles the "It's ready when it's ready" but there will be 7 toddlers running around so I would like to have it ready ahead of time, foil it, and toss in a cooler if possible.

I have read through about 20 different "methods" and don't know which one will give the best results. Suggestions?

Thanks in advance for all the help.
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Suggestions... Figure out how long you need and how long you think it will take and start a few hours prior to that. Be patient. Have plenty of beer on hand.

As for how to cook. Start with a nice seasoning of salt and pepper. Future ones you can try the smokie oakie method or others. I like a nice basting with butter, cider and bourbon.

Its a long cook for a full brisket. Just enjoy yourself.

I separated mine since the whole thing wouldn't fit. I put the point above the flat in my smoker to allow the fat from the point to drip on the flat.
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From one newbie to another... DON'T Pull it off too early!!!
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Ok, now you have used one shelf in your MES.
Why not throw in a couple of whole chickens as backup. Plan on them being done 2 hours early, so if anything goes wrong you have something to eat, especially for the kido-es.
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That's what I want to avoid. I want it to hit 200* with plenty of time to spare.

Another question: How much wood? I think I overdid it with my 8# Pork Butt with 6oz. It was good, but really heavy smoke flavor.
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I was planning on Baked Beans and ABTs each taking up a shelf.

If I don't split the packer, then tossing 2 chickens or maybe meatloaf on is an good idea.
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I'm thinking it would be better to separate the point and flat. Like Vlap said, put the point on the shelf above the flat. The point is much thicker and might take longer to finish, no sense leaving the flat in there over cooking while the point finishes. I'd also flip and turn them a couple times during the smoke.

Another thought if leaving it whole, the packer in the MES would have the thickest part near the side wall. I'd make sure the point is on the vent side, where it might be hotter. Hot air is flowing that way and out the vent, the heater is also on the vent side. It might help to even out the cook time between the flat and point. Maybe flip it half way through, but keep the point to the vent.

Looking forward to seeing how it comes out icon_smile.gif
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I will split it tomorrow night and rub it up.

Put it in around 7pm on Friday night. When it finishes, wrap it and store in a cooler or the oven at warm and hold.

Then put the beans and ABTs in for 3 hours to have them done at dinner time.
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I smoked mine whole with the fat side up and sperated it afterwards, but it's up to you. Just remember that it will probably stall between 165°-175° but keep your heat steady and the temps will start to climb. I did a 12lb brisket and it stalled for almost 2 hours before the temps started to go back up. It took close to 14 hours @ 225° before I got it up to 200°, then wrapped it in foil and stuck it in a cooler over night. Like Vlap said, have a bunch of beer on hand. smile.gif
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I think you are missing an important feature of your MES. It's also a holding oven. You could get the temps where you want them and lower them to serving temp hours ahead.

I have on many occasions finished the smoke session at midnight and foiled at 190'. In the am open and pull.

Just MHO, but that is what I would do.

Good luck!!
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Cooked it to 185 and it turned out pretty dry. It was easy to cut with a plastic fork, but very dry. I thought about throwing it in crock pot with some beef broth but went with it as is.
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Did you foil it and let it rest before eating?
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