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Fatties that didn't make it in time for the throwdown

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Here are the finished fatties that didn't make it in time for the final Throwdown. I posted the contents Friday on the throwdown thread but here are the final pics. They're not plated...sorry.

Thanksgiving Dinner Fatty
Lasagna Fatty
Beef Wellington Fatty
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They look great and I'm sure they tasted great too
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Wow, those are nice, KC. That lasagna one looks really good. (might have given the 'most likely to make at home' winner a run for it)
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KC, a durn shame...but YOU STILL GET TO EAT "EM! :{) YAY!
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I will say it's been the favorite of mine so far. Even more than all the ones I did on Father's Day. (My Philly has been in the front running since then) It had the best flavor! I put a little more marinara sauce on it when I served it. Son's favority was the Thanksgiving one...although I HATE wrapping in turkey!!
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Dang man! Lucky for everyone involved that those didn't make it into the throwdown! Love the bacon weave in the third one :) That lasagna fatty is looking tasty! Care to enlighten me on the innards of that one?
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Thread Starter you go:
Lasagna Fatty:
Italian Hot sausage
Italian sweet sausage
Ground beef
Lasagna noodles
Ricotta Cheese
Mozzarella Cheese
Parmesan Cheese
Marinara Sauce
And other herbs from the garden...

Beef Wellington Fatty:
Beef tenderloin
Fois Gras
Port Wine Syrup
Wrapped in pastry

Thanksgiving Dinner Fatty:
Ground Turkey
Herb stuffing
Poultry seasoning
Covered in gravy after slicing
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Did you use those 'bake only' type noodles?
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At least ya have some awesome lunches for the week Karen! Get em next time!!
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No, they're too flat and wide. Don't have the cute sides, so I boiled a pot of regular lasagna noodles. I did them slightly al dente so they didn't get mushy during the smoke.
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I must admit I thought I'd see a biscuit wrapped fatty in the bunch and didn't I think I gotta try one of those soon since yours looked so good.
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The wellington was going to be biscuit wrapped but I forgot and sliced it for the q-view!! PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif Oops!!
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Congrats on some very nice looking Fatties. They all showed good smoke ring too. Which unit do you use to smoke them Chubbers? Wood?
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KC - the lasagna fatty was really awesome looking .... thanks for posting the recipe!! I've never made Jon lasagna in our 14+ years of bliss PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif but may try it using your fatty method!!!

Great job, thanks for the pics!
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Those particular chubbies were done on the GOSM with apple and cherry wood. I also throw 5 pieces of charcoal in the wood box.
I was doing several racks of spare ribs and a roast at the same time so no room on the Silver Smoker.
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