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This Bird Wouldn't Stand For A Can Up It's Butt QVIEW

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No, really, the damned thing weighed in a 5.4 lbs (HUGE) and would tip over. I decided to not try and figure it out to only have it fall over and onto the ground or something.

It is a Sam's rotisserie uncooked so it has been brined and rubbed by Tyson, or so I have been told. I was going to also try and do a quick cure but thought that might bo over kill so didn't want to chance ruining a good bird.

Some TBS and we're off and running. I'll start at 240' for now using apple and hickory. After 40 minutes smoker is at 230'.

Enjoy the QVIEW, everyone!! Thanks For watching.
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Now that's a bird! I'll be watching for some updates. Keep us posted.
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Darn old tight ***.
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Now thats a huge bird! I can't wait to see her all dressed and ready to eat!!
Happy smokes!
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The ceramic holder is awesome! I love it!
Thanks so much for the link....I am getting me one of these before the next yard bird! (I love this place!)
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I'll post the results tomorrow. I like that ceramic thing, thanks.
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Also, a single skewer through both legs will help stablize the thing. The idea is keeping the legs from having the "bambi on ice" effect. The skewer solves that; they can only go so far forward.
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Talk about a fat A S S chicken!!!

The pics aren't very good, but the chicken was very good, moist and juicy.

Thanks, I'll remember that.
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Looks good!
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Nice look'n bird Ron icon_smile.gif
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Those Sam's birds are so easy and time saving and pretty cheap also 5 dollars here. You save 12 hours of brining, so you can just pick one up on the spur of the moment, take home and smoke. I'm getting lazy I guess, but after all the years at the restaurant I'm looking for easy and still good.
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Thanks, and thanks for the points I just saw in my control panel, I really appreciate it. I try and help when I can.

Thanks again!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Fantastic looking bird. I've got three kids that would pick that clean before I'd even get a bite.

Abelman, where'd you get the ceramic chicken chair? the link in the thread you pasted to now goes to the product page for a carving knife.
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Strange, they did change it for some reason. Here's the new one:


P.S. I changed the original thread as well. Thanks for the heads up!
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Tasty looking bird Ron!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks good brother PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks everyone. When I got home last night guess what was on the counter? The fat a s s chicken with a slice out of it, so cut more added some veggies and that was dinner for wife. She said will you cut some for a sammie for my lunch tomorrow?

When I get her stamp of approval I know I did good. She can be fussy at times.

Tonight is Country Ribs, bone in. (sliced butt with bone).
Thanks again for watching the show.

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When I do Beer can poultry I use my Dutch oven to hold them up and a 6" D.O. works great for Game Hen at 10" works great for a large chicken nd a 8" works for a 3.5 pounder. I use a 12" for turkey up to 18 pounds and a 14" for a turkey over 18.5 pounds.

Not a problem for me since I have so many Dutch ovens.
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Thanks Dave I'll have to remember that but don't have one.icon_sad.gif
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