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I havnt cooked fatties yet but I do grill stuffed burgers with cream cheese jalapenos bacon, those guy come out pretty good. I think this weekend i am going to do a breakfast fattie
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Mmmm, your stuffed burgers sound really good! Next time you make them could you take pictures for us? I bet they look and taste as good as they sound.cool.gif
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Hey Murray, Those burgers sounds goooooooooood. Might try one of them.
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I agree we need Qview biggrin.gif
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I gotta jump on board with the "gotta see those" gang! Can ya give us a detailed description/recipe/method in the meantime?
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Most of the time I buy fresh patties two patties make one burger, In a bowl mix cream cheese crumbled bacon as much as you would like 2 or 3 jalapenos seeded for tast ranch dip powder mix all with cream cheese, spread out a patty on a cutting board put mixure inside put another patty on top and press seams together after all patties are made might chill for a bit cook untill done I allways grill them but I think next time I will smoke them and see how they come out..
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