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Dingle's Shrimp Parm. w/Qview

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Well Dingle's recipe looked so good I had to try it Thanks Dingle
Shrimp ready to got into smoker

Shrimp off smoker

Shrimp with spag sauce and cheese ready to go back into smoker

After cheese melted coming out

Plated with noodles underneath

I did heat the spag scauce on the stove before putting it over the shrimp as I knew it wouldn't take long to melt the cheese.
It came out good and was a hit with the family
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Jerry, you going to let us in on the secret confused.gif
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Hey Jerry, the pic seems a bit small....
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Piney, it looks awesome!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Dang, I have got to make that!
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There it is! Looks STOOOOOOOOOOPID good!!!!
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Now, I can see clearly now, biggrin.gif

Looks real good, PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif where do I find this recipe confused.gif
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A little shrimp pickin' this weekend Patty?
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I'm sure ready for one...biggrin.gif
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You stock the pond every year right? how long till you can harvest some *almost* big enough to eat?
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Don't know what happened the first time hit the wrong button or something ya'll know I'm all thumbs when it comes to typing with two fingers biggrin.gif But think I got it fixed. Patty you need to get some of those shrimp outta that pond and try it you won't be disappointed
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In about three months after I stock. I just restocked the end of May.

For some reason I'm ready for a good old shrimp/crawdad boil party. Might have to have one.

I'd love to try DINGLE's recipe....looks sooooo gooood...biggrin.gif
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Hey Piney, i think ur jus showing off now. Great looking food. My mouth is a waterin'. Us lazy smokers can't take it.
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I hadn't checked out Dingle's post ... Jerry - thanks for bringing this recipe to light! Looks like an easy one that I can make for my sister-that's-turned-vegetarian confused.gificon_frown.gif

Great looking qvue and instructions. Thanks for sharing!
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Piney, how did you prepare the shrimp, what kind of smoke, and how long in the smoker. Looks awsome!
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I am so jealous! Can I come?
I want a crawdad so bad since I had em in Texas in March....they are such little jewels...I am going back next year to Houston and you bet I am eating as many of those babies as I can! you grow em? you are so my heroine!
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De headed, peeled, deveined, and pulled the tail off drained them good then into the pan put in a little garlic and parsley flakes and into the smoker. I let it go for about 10 minutes then stirred them around with a spoon and closed it back up then repeated every 10 minutes it took about 30 minutes and the shrimp turned nice and pink which is the best way I know to tell they are done. I used 41-50 count shrimp and smoked 3 lbs after cleaning. While the shrimp was in the smoker I had the sauce warming on the stove. When the shrimp came off the smoker the first time I put the Ragu Parmesan & Romano 2 lb 13 oz jar of sauce in and used 3ea 8 oz bags of 4 blend cheese to top it off. I had put the water for the noodles on and waited for it to boil before I put the shrimp back into the smoker. Pulled the shrimp when the cheese melted but still had to wait about 5 minutes for the noodles to finish.
This was the first time I've ever bought sauce I'm sure theres better out there the wife usually makes ours but I sprung this on her to fast.
I used hickory chips and let them smoke good before putting shrimp in. It doesn't take in allot of smoke in the little time it has.
There was enough shrimp to feed 4 adults (2 eat allot) and 2 young children with enough left for about 2 more servings which the son in law already claimed for lunch tomorrow.

Sorry this was so long but you asked biggrin.gif
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Awsome! Thanks for your time Piney!
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Cant believe I missed this thread! Nice job Piney. Really nothin to it huh? But the reward is oh so good. BTW that pile of shrimp you made would only feed two at my house!

Cowgirl if you are reading, you wont be disappointed!
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DINGLE, it's funny that you brought this thread up....I have a batch of DINGLE shrimp in the smoker right now!!biggrin.gif
Can't wait to try it!
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Dingle, can you post a consolidated recipe? I'd love to try it. If not, I understand. Thx
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