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Ribeye Steak W/ QVIEW

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I posted last week a Ribeye with smoke. For those that I missed it I just did another while smoking a pork butt and baked beans. Might as well use the energy and smoke efficiently icon_wink.gif.

Any excuse to tinker and smoke, smoke, and more smoke.
Here is a 1 1/4 # bone in about 3/4 inch thick, nice marblelng. You may be thinking that is awful thin for a smoke, but just wait.

In the raw.

Here it is pulled off at 130'. It was very soft to the touch.

I then fired up the Weber Gas grill and got it up to 600' then it happened.
I was reading the posts here and forgot about the Ribeye and heard the flames shooting out of the sides and thought oh, S#$$. I ran over and opened the door, and here's what I found.

Well, I thought it was ruined for sure and I wouldn't be posting this.

But, after turning once and removing it, here it is, the juices flowing to the top.

The final pic, PERFECT, Medium Rare. My reputation and a$$ was saved. Of course she likes well done steaks, yea right.icon_evil.gif

Since wifey eats earlier than me, I said how's the steak. Her answer was , ITS GREAT!! I asked if it was the extra effort to smoke it , she said Absoultely!

Thanks for watching everyone!! Hope you enjoyed it!
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man it looked for sure like it was done for. whata save!!!
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Now that's what I call a res Q.
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I was ready to post this on the biggest oops post, but it was saved by a miracle.
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Interesting approach to a steak...may have to try that! wink.gif
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Awwrite, good save!!! Sweet lookin ribeye!
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Thanks Bubba, It was well worth the extra effort. Just added the extra flavor that we smokers love and is lacking in a regular BBQ. I don't think you'll go wrong if you watch the temps. That's the important thing, Im sure you know.

Good luck!!
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Great save. Char and medium rare, you can't get any better than that.
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Call it luck, it could have been worse and I got the fire
extinguisher out and ruined it. When I opened the lid it almost singed my face.icon_surprised.gif

It turned out great by mistake I guess.
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thanks yall for the help, nice lookin ribeye ron, I got a pack of 5 new york strips about an inch thick im going to smoke saturday. i checked out the posts and the recipes and will give it a try, thanks guys
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Actually, that is a REALLY good method of cooking the steaks. A slow smoke, then a quick sear even with the flames seals in the juices.

Nah, you didn't "save it" you cooked it just right.

With the rib-eyes especially, sooooo much fat in them they tend to flare up more than a newyork or t-bone.

Ya done good!
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It looks awesome ron! I'll give your method a try.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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