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A Chicken Score

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Kroger's, at least here has Tyson chicken on sale at 50 % off. I just bought 12 lbs. of thighs @ .74 lb. Oh, they are fresh well, at least when you buy them. Not some 10 lb frozen bag. Actually 4 to a tray. Great deal. not sure if it is only local or not.

Smoker is heating, chix s brinin'.
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i would go back and get more buy them out
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not bad-bought 8 whole foster farms last week 57 a #-they have pretty often at my local store-every couple months.
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Sounds like a good deal
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Now that's a good deal. Don't happen here.
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Memorial day weekend my kroger had pork spares for 1.17 a lb.
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legs,thighs, and wings used to be really good buys on regular basis. now have to watch for sales...
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With places like Hooters and the likes, wings are over 1.00 a pound here. Damn years ago, they gave them away.In fact when I had the restaurant years ago, I would buy all I could get from the butcher for soup stock for probably .19 a LB.

Then we would pull them and make chicken salad for sammmies. Those were the days!
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