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my biggest smoke to date,turkey,ribs,fattie, w/qview

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i didnt get to smoke last weekend so doin it up this weekend. i brined a trukey, soaked in brine for about 18 hrs. went on smoker at 11:00 am, found some st louis cut ribs at reasonable price, ribs went on at 1:30 pm and are now in foil. finally created the mushroom and swiss fattie, it went on at 2:00 pm. dutches beans at 2:30. i plan on smoking some sweet corn also like wd has told me how and i plan on putting that on a 4:00pm. having family over for supper and if everything goes as planned be eating 6:30ish. if the meat wants to be late so be it, will just have to wait on it. here is some preqview:

turkey coming outta brine

ribs going on, nice tbs

fattie with swiss and mushroom sauce

veiw from smoker 3pm, i see a defect in fattie... i tried tin foil under fattie

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Erain - props on the great start on your fun smoke today! Your family will be pleased with the results and the smoke will be the hit of the meal biggrin.gif

Keep up the tbs and look forward to more qvue!
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It all looks awesome. Great job and I look foreward to seeing more q-view. Job well done.
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Lookin great erain! Fine lookin vittles yall got smokin there!
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That all looks great can't wait for more Qview PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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All looks great my friend but wheres all the fish from last WE? Fed X ain't showed up yet with the cooler full of dry ice! enjoy the family and the smoke erain-is what it's all about.
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Looks great.. Can't wait to see the finished product...
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finished product

all ritey, we have here final pix of mushroom swiss fatty, bbq ribs, brine smoked turkey. also dutches super beans and corn courtesy of wd.

this is mushroom swiss fatty, used elk burger only. no pork in this fatty. inside filled with swiss cheese,mushrooms, and swiss sauce. fatty did start to come apart but it held together and i put cheese on the top til melted and it nicly covered up crack.

smoked sweet corn

st louis trimmed ribs done 3-2-1, used jeffs rub n sauce, good stuff

and last but not least, brined and smoked turkey. took it to 185 and meat was still very moist.

thanks for cking out my qview!!!
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The q-views today are awesome!!!! Super job and some points for you good sir!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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It all looks great
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Wow, it all looks great Erain. excellent smoke.
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Sure looks good from where I'm sittingPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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thanks all for the compliments. is all due to information and help i recieved here. it was truley a team effort. just got done having a great lunch from leftovers!!!
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As all have already said, very nice work there! I've only done ribs 3-2-1 once and they fell apart on me, but I may have to try again now looking at yours.
What kind of smoker do you have? I saw 4 GOSM only
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Looks like you got this smokin' hobby down, my friend! That was an awesome looking fatty, and the rest of it didn't look so bad either PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif. Great job, and glad it was enjoyed by all.
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Great job!!
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very nice wink.gif
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