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Neice and nephew over tonight

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Pizza fatty just came off the smoker... lettin' it chill. Also made a couple pounds of "Sarah and Dominic's Breakfast sausage" we'll be having in the am and sending some home to Marktee and wife.

Where's my bourbon? PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif
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what a swell family affair Rich-what a great uncle to let them have a nite off-hehe.
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We had neice and nephew here as well, and made a fattie. What a coinkydink. Oh and Rich, the ribs were great (with the rub conaining Smitty's 6-15, tell him tanks).
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wheres the q view?
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I was wondering the same thing Bill...
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no q view didn't happen (sheesh I can't belive i been reformed) damn you all!
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his qview was posted under his own thread Ribs and more.
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No fatty view...sorry. But here's them enjoying "Dominic and Sarah's homemade breakfast sausage", some of Uncle Rich's bacon, toast and scrambled eggs :{)

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Nice china also Rich.
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Way to go uncle Ritchy! You the man!smile.gif
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I always thought Richtee was a softy...... But I am the same way with my nephew...........He pretty much has me wrapped around his little
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Cute kids, bet they had fun!
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They look like happy campers enjoying their breakfast. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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