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Quikie Country Ribs

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OK, my main objective today was Canadian Bacon (posted on bacon forum) but needed to have dinner so I went and bought a small pack of Country ribs. Since I had the tenderloin soaking in the cure/brine I added the ribs for a few hours and then smoked.
210 for 3 hours then wrapped in foil with apple juice/red wine for 2, then at a higher temp (270) for another hour.

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They sure look good.
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Mmmm...those look awesome PTJD!
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They look great PT. I was eyeing the Country's at the market yesterday while I was hoarding up all of the pork butts. Now I wish I had picked myself up a pack or 2.

Great job, they really do look tasty!!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Thanks to all, for some reason the country ribs seem easy to cook and cheap,they are quite tasty!
I forgot to add, I applied Jeff's rub to the pork also.
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Oh yeah! Them country style are tastey treats indeed!
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Nice looking grub.
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I think a lot has to do with fat content, I love Ribeye my wife likes Filet.
The Country ribs seem to have a higher fat content.
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Nice looking ribs..I like the wheels on your Masterbuilt
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Tony, bought the wheels at Westlake hardware, screws right in, about $4 - $5 /each, works great.
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I've been looking to put wheels on my MES,thanks for the info. PTJD.icon_smile.gif
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Joe, sacrafice one of your largest butts, bone it out and slice it thick and you will have country style ribs. Same cut of meat.

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As mentioned earlier countrys are just a band sawed butt... same fat content...same meat. I have tied a pack of countrys back together and made pulled pork...heh.
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