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smokin vegg

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anybody ever try to smoke some stuffed mushroom's ? i am loking to try this and wonder if any member's have had some success with this ?
i have a spinach , crab recipe that's awesome in the oven.....but would love to hit it with a lil smokeiness.......
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try this link
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Link expired... I dunno why this only works for a short time...
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huh........that blows.........

well i did a search in this forum for mushrooms
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I would say give it a shot and see how it turns out....I have done baked potatoes and green bean casserlole in the smoker with great success...........Let us know how it turns out...........
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I have smoked little portobellos with the same stuff I put in an ABT. They tend to get a little mushy if you aren't careful, but they take on a great flavor. I use cream cheese, minced garlic, and parm. Crumble slightly cooked bacon pieces and red pepper flake on top. Spritz or drizzle EVOO over the top and smoke at 225-250 until the mushroom is slightly "flexible" to the touch; about an hour and a half. (make sure you let them cool before eating. Hot mushrooms are like napalm)

(side note: It's funny that "portobello" is actually just a large crimini. But the name portobello is so pupular, they are now selling "little portobello"; which means "little large mushrooms". Marketing guys are so smart!)
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Thank's Geek....i'm aimin for this weekend but look's like more crappy weather here , and this suck's cause i just got a load of lump and been
itchin since the u.p.s. guy made me sign his etcha-scketchy recipient boardy thinger . i may have to sacrifice an easy up and smoke anyway !
10x10 tent without side's "easy up " i meen . i just cant deal with the weather lately and cabin fever even hit's the east coast it seems.....PDT_Armataz_01_10.gif
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I think mossy just posted some a week or so ago. Somebody did anyway. They looked great.
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