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Meatloaf & baked beans

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Just put the food on the smoker... meatloaf and Dutch's baked beans!! I kinda screwed up the beans cuz I didn't cook the onions and peppers first. Oh well, I'm sure after 3 or 4 hours smoking, they shoud be good! I'll let ya know how it comes out in 4 hours or so!!
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I can see this one it looks good.
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Looking good so far. The beans won't be screwed up. It will just give them a different texture. A little crunch. It's all good.
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Looks good. yum yum.

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the beans will be great i like em that way
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OK, here's the finished product!! It was great although I did put the beans in the oven, after a couple of hours smoking, at 400 for an hour and then put them back on the smoker for the last hour as I didn't cook the vegetables first...oops!! They did turn out great as did the meatloaf!!!
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Everything looks mighty good,enjoy!
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Good looking meal you smoked up there !!!
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Man that looks good!!! I have never done Dutch's beans yet but I think a plan is starting to come together for next weekend. Where did ya get the meatloaf recipe?
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I made my first batch of Wicked Beans yesterday to go with some pulled pork, UMMMMM! Don't get none of that on your eyebrow, your tongue will knock you silly tryin' to lick it off!!
I had a Crockpot full of pinto beans going then read the Wicked recipe and decided to try them instead, glad I did!

I screwed up though and got a can of crushed pineapple instead of chunks, the wife thought that might actually be better because most people aren't accustomed to finding chunks of pineapple in baked beans; the crushed ones just kinda blend in.
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Good smoke. Glad all turned out well. icon_smile.gif
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Looks great!!!
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Looks good man. Hard to beat those beans.
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Boy, I remember my first DBB's. We thru in a half of jalapeno, but didn't de-seed it. icon_eek.gif
Also, we have started using the larger chunk pineapples. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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