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test with pics

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This is a tako (octopus) that I recently smoked. The hole in the head is where the beak was.

I forgot to take the "after" pics. I was too eager to eat it. It turned out ok but not great.

The indignity that a dog suffers at the hands of childrenicon_biggrin.gif

Thanks for the advice from glued2it, richtee, and low&slow.
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Wow, that's a first here PDT_Armataz_01_10.gif
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That is exactly what I was thinking !!!

Smoked octopuss huh..... Now that you got our attention, tell us more. If I walk up to the meat counter and ask for octopuss I do think the meat market manager will laugh me out of the store !!!
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Wow! That's a big octopus!

Cute dog too!smile.gif
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d88de looks away...........

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Huh... yer welcome, BTW. Never had smoked Octo. Plenty of fried tho, and baked. Interesting.

Poor dog...LOL!
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Um...ok...WOW...I think. Aloha!!!PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif
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looks like your getting the hang of it!
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think i'm with the dude on this one,i was hungry but hm.PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif
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I guess when it falls off the bone it is done.
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Looks like something straight out of area 51. Had octopuss one time and wasn't impressed. Maybe it just wasn't done right.
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The only time I ever had octopuss is out of those little Goya cans and at Sushi Bars. I never seen one that big. When you smoke it, is it still kinda rubbery?
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The meat is not rubbery but firm. Its softer than beef jerky but its almost like dried meat. The kind of tako used in sushi bars is a different type so I can't say if the texture would be any different if prepared this way. Next time I will try and post pics of the finished product. But only if I can retain some self control and not immediately pig out on it. I also had to cut off the ends of the legs because the were getting downright crispy. Its really not gross looking after cooking and slicing. And I don't think there should have been that hole where I removed the beak. But it was my first one done solo. There is also a really good post on smoked tako at the Virtual Webber Bullet website.
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Smoke Puss. Hmm? What type of smoke agent did ya use...Plankton...LOL
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