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You could move your probe to another place in the bird, or confirm with another thermo. A test cut into the bird would also confirm whether the bird is done.

Hope this helps!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Started to really doubt all i've done so i pulled the probe and reinserted it on the otherside of the bird in the breast next to the breast bone and it is reading 169 yet the bird still really looks juicy could be all the butter not sure if it's that or raw jiuce waiting to kill us???
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If the juices are running clear, that is also a good sign that the bird is done.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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The skin looks brown in some places but not all
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Wow... hmm Well, like Meowey said... if it's clear juice, yer fine. Tent it and let ir rest, or cooler it for later consumption!

Make sure to check thigh temp I guess, just in case.
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I feel really domb but I'm not sure where the thigh is
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The heavy meat around where the drumstix attach.
And by cooler, I meant to foil it, wrap n a BIG towel, and put into a dry cooler...not ice... :{)
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:} I got that one. No Ice! It is on the counter juices are clear 20lb bird took about 4hrs at a low temp {go figure} I will let it rest for 1 hour with foil on it. The wife is going to have to help me take a picture to post. I hope it is OK! Never the less I want to thank you all for your HELP.
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My pleasure. Bet it's DELICIOUS!
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And I MIGHT just double check the accuracy of the thermom you were reading grill/smoker temp with. Were you reading the standard gauge on the smoker itself for that temp?
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Change of plans

We rapped bird in foil wrapped in towles and put in cooler for later at least2-3 hrs later. should still be warm { I hope} Will post at that time. Does this plan sound ok to you all?
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Yes i was using the guage on the smoker to determine the smoker temp and i have a digital guage for the meat
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BINGO! Now about that thermom ya used for smoker temp?
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BINGO. I'll bet a dozen donuts that gauge is 50 or more degrees low!
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Geez one more bingo and I WIN! hahaha..oh my...I kill me!
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If ya like crispy skin, and had it going into the foil, you may lose it in there. If ya want, heat up the oven to 400 and pop the bird in there 10-15 min to help re-crisp the skin.
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The skin was still rubbery even though it was a nice color of brown. Legs didn't seem to want to pull off easily yet the temp read good in the breast and in the thigh. I will get another thermometer for smoke temp.
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It will continue to 'cook" in the cooler. Yer fine, as long as the temps were in the 170's. Crisp it up just before serving if ya wanna
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Hi sweetie sorry I missed most of you smoke. I definately think your cooker thermometer is off - no way that 20 pouns bird cooked in 4 hours at 275!

I do beleive the brine makes it cook faster than a dry bird but that was way faster than it should have cooked. Must have been more like 370 degrees!

If the skin came out rubbery the fat wasn't rendered out of the skin. Put it in a 400 degree oven for about 10 minutes. Probably to short a cooking time.

I've had birds average 15 minutes/lb but 5 minutes/lb? You must have a microwave GOSM! I think you need to put that bird in the oven for awhile. I suspect you'll find spots near the thick part of the breast where the bone sticks up and places on the leg and thighs that are dark pink and not done.

IMHO I'd rather over cook a bird than under cook one!
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OK Folks Since I sweated out about 10lbs during my smoke let alone changing my draws a few times i managed to eat about 12LBS of turkey mysekf. :}

When we pulled it and started carving eating pieces while carving {everbody does that} pieces were melting in our mouthes. However when the bird cooled down white meat was pretty dry. The skin had most of the smoke flavor meat didn't have enough even though i put wood chips in every 15 - 20 minutes for 4 hrs. couldn't really eat the skin do to rubber was to hungry to throw it in the oven to crisp up the skin.

over all i give this a rating of 6 or 7 do to the dry white meat and rubbery skin and not enough smoke flavor on the meat. The familey really dug it they scarfed it down. Just wanted to thank everyones help this forum seems real family like. thanks to you all.

I will have the wife dwn load the pictures when she gets a chance.

Once again thanks everyone. icon_smile.gif
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