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bourbon smoked ham

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I'm lookin to flavor my ham with some wood chips soaked in bourbon.I realize it's gonna be flamable. Has anyone tried anyone like this? I'm just lookin for some hints.like maybe lettin the chips sit outside for a while before usin them for smokin. Any ideas appreciated.
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I know theY sell jackdaniels chips and barrel chunks. I've also heard of people soaking chunks and chips in whiskey, wine and beer. Give it a try and let us know what you think!
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crap........CURE that thing in jack daniels

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I soak my chip or chunks in water with a little JD or Bourbon of choice, just don't use it straight for a soak. I have the weber wood soaker and just add shot or two in the water - works great!
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Now that's my kind of smoke, if the meat ain't right... drink the juice!
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now THATS a true story.......

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I've tried cooking with bourbon a few times before and although I enjoy a good bourbon drink occasionally I have never liked anything I cooked with it. I am, however, looking forward to trying mixing Captain Morgan rum with apple juice on something. Maybe I'll like that. If not, I'll just sip the drinks and cook without it. A Captain and Dr Pepper and a nice fat Cohiba lit off of a hot hickory coal... Man! PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif

Actually, I did do some bourbon baby backs in the oven once that I liked pretty good, except the recipe called for WAY too much garlic. Did like the bourbon hint that was on those ribs. That's the only time though...

Oh, and in the second edit I'll post what I meant to post to begin with... Maybe try making a smoking pouch out of several layers of HD foil and poke a few holes in it so the chips smoke instead of burn. Or if you have a smoking chip box (Lowe's has them made of cast iron) throw them in it and keep them from blazing up... Just a thought.
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i am the same way with italian dressing.........LOVE it on salad.......but not as a marinade.........the morgans and apple juice werks GREAT as a spritz...

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I have used the Jack Daniels barrel chips with good results (used mainly with beef). I just try to place them in such a manner that they smolder/smoke for a while before they finally catch fire. This usually works better when cooking indirect on my kettle versus cooking in my BGE.
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Upon thinking about it a little more, maybe if you put the chips in a foil pooch or a smoker box you could delay them actually burning a little longer.

What cooker are you using?
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Lowes in my city had them boxes on sale the other day for about 3-4 bucks, so I bought one, for when I use chips. Most of the time ,I use chunks of cherry or apple or oak that I have plenty of!
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I saw them at Lowe's but like you, I use chunks and the chunks won't fit the box I found...
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are you guys talking bout the cast iron box with the lid with slots?

i just use the box......not the lid.........

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That's what I was referring to when mentioning the smoker box.

note: I have been cautioned not to use one in my BGE for fear that the box might melt. I don't know if there is anything to that, but the source is reputable and attributed it to a very reputable source.
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wow...........bge can melt cast iron?
..........OUCH...........now THATS a machine.........

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This person believed that the small smoker boxes wouldn't survive in the actual fire chamber. They are the rep for a company that manufactures smoking products and attributed this to a well known name in the barbecue world. They don't have any reason to make it up as they have nothing to gain from it.

I was a bit shocked to hear it myself.

I have cooked with cast iron in the BGE with good results. :)
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I don't think you need to be worried about melting that cast iron chip pan...

Cast iron must be at a temp. of approximately 1260*C (2300*F) to melt!...

Perhaps I'm wrong, but I can't imagine a BGE getting THAT hot!...

A temp. of 1260*C (2300*F) is nearly WHITE hot!!...PDT_Armataz_01_05.gifPDT_Armataz_01_11.gif

Of course with a good stream of forced air blowing up through some good LUMP charcoal...the coals may get in the neighborhood of that kind of heat!...

If the BGE were that hot, you'd turn the meat you're cooking into charcoal in VERY short order!...PDT_Armataz_01_09.gif
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yeah coley........i put my box str8 on the coals, when i use chips......prevents the chips from bursting into flames.......been werking for years now......BUT, i am not using a BGE.......so i can't comment on how hot their fires get.........

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I'm not using one either...but just cant imagine it getting quite hot enough to melt cast iron...

I'm not saying it won't get that hot, mind you...just that I can't imagine it getting that hot...
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I could be wrong but doesn't cast iron have a higher melting point than clay pots or whatever that thing is?
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