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Meoweys Meatloaf

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I've never made smoked meatloaf before. I figured what the heck. Here is some Thin-n-blue

Here it is about 2 hrs into the smoke

More to come in a couple of hours!!
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looks great thanks for the pic
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That looks good! You're makin' me hungry. icon_biggrin.gif
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Looks very nice, how about the recipe.
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That meatloaf won't disappoint! Can't wait to see the sliced pieces.
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At work tonight til 8:00. Starvin. Thanks for the pics.
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I got to make me another one. And yeah give the recipe.
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OK, I am ready to do another meatloaf now! That got me salivating.biggrin.gif
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Your 2 hours is up .... where's the finish view? icon_cry.gif
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I had to wash the dishes geez...

All done!

Rested and sliced

Can you get much more american?

Who says dad can't cook when mom is gone... HA.. My children would not hold still for this shot go figureicon_rolleyes.gif
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Are you happy now Squeez?
Oh yeah here is meoweys recipe. It is on DJ's page anyone can get it. It is very simple and tastes awsome. I like Smoked meatloaf way better than fattys.

Thank you Meowey...Thank you DJ
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jmedic...that is a great lookin meatloaf and the kids are darlin!! They look like, "come'on dad, lets EAT!!"
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Nice lookin Que. Cute family too Jmedic!
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Yup ... I sure am!

Don't matter how good that meatloaf looks ... it just can't hold a candle to those beautiful kids! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Good lookin' meatloaf and you can't ask for a better lookin' set of tasters. smile.gif
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I've never seen a smoked meatloaf before....really nice!!! This forum has taught me many things...like fattys! Love fattys now, now I've got something else to try! Pictures of the youngins makes me feel old now...mine are 32 and 28. Enjoy them while their young...they grow up way to soon!
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Looks good

J Looks darn good. Cute children also.
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Wow, great smoke ring. Bonus!
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Making my first meatloaf today, whats the wood of choice among you all?
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I like the Q View of your meatloaf, real nice smoke ring. The picture of your children...PRICELESS!
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