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Turkey necks

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I owe my neighbor a favor - and he wants me to smoke him up a bunch of turkey necks. Not having ever considered this a food, I am a little at a loss here.

Anything special need to be done? Will use a mix of hickory and apple wood (or maybe mesquite/apple) with my normal liquid of apple/pineapple juice. Will spread them flat on 2 racks (he's talking maybe 5-10 lbs)

Can anyone out there steer me in the right direction based on your experience with smoking necks? Thanks everyone
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Dunno 'bout necks in particular, but I'll wager that some ground rosemary, celery salt, and powered onion should be in the rub.

Also, for a base to hold the rub, consider rendered bacon fat, for moisture and flavor.
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Never done necks before, but I would brine first (I brine all poultry). Seasonings that Richtee stated, then smoked. Time wise?????? Go by looks and feel. After an hr, check them, and keep doing that every so often until they are to yours and your friends liking.
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