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Soy Protein Concentrate

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i make a lot of smoked sausages and i mix pork with the sausage at times if i dont add enough fat to the mix or the pork is to lean the sausage gets dry and crumbly will soy protein concentrate help with this problem i like a lean sausage but not so lean that it turns crumbly thanks for your help
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I also make a lot of sausage. I have never used a recipe that called for the soy protein. With todays hogs being so lean, I have more trouble getting enough fat into my sausage.
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Soy protein concentrate is used as a binder and allows you to add moisture to the meat so it will not be as dry. I tried using it for a while but it lacked something. It made sausages about as exciting as Hamburger Helper or Tofu.

Whey protein, and buttermilk solids do the same thing but give the sausages more body and texture. Maybe because it is a fat? I'm not sure why but it seems to work better. IMHO

Another option - If you happen to be making cheese a day or so before you make sausages (or plan it right) save the slightly drained whey and throw it in as a fat or milk replacement. Much more body than powered milk and almost as much as fat but whey has more protein than fat.

I've been thinking of making an unsalted riccotta from the whey and adding that to my sausages as a fat replacement - haven't try it yet. You get about 1 lb of cheese and 8 oz or a cup of ricotta per gallon of milk.

Did I totally confuse everybody?
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thanks deb

i knew you would help me out i will try the Whey protein or the buttermilk solids i am getting my order ready now so thanks again
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Your most welcome Huey! Hope you like it.
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Soy Protein Concentrate

Salmon Clubber,

1. Soy protein concentrate will help to trap more water inside of a sausage and the sausage may even look better (more plump and less shrivelled). On the other hand every time you add an extra ingredient you are missing out on the taste and flavor. If you stay below 3% in relation to a sausage mass, soy protein should not be noticeable. Anything more and most people will find it bitter.
2. When smoking at too high temperatures, fat starts to melt quickly. It acts like a glue binding pieces of meat together, giving them a proper consistency and taste. Once it melts, the sausage inside will be a mess of bread crumbs. If your sausage is:

greasy on outside
contains spots of grease under the sausage
is too shrivelled and wrinkled
has lost its shine and looks opaque
is crumbly inside with possible little empty pockets

It means that the internal temperature of the sausage was too high during smoking or cooking.

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thanks for the help i got some hunters meat binder and powdered milk from butcher-packer i think it will do the job last weeks batch of summer sausage turned out great thanks again
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