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camp fire smoked pork chops

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Saturday we lit a camp fire and let the wood die down to nice red embers, put some pork chops on just figuring we'd have "grilled" pork chops. Well since I let the wood die down to no flame and just embers, we actually made awesome smoked pork chops! They had an excellent smoke ring and excellent flavor. Smoked them over maple logs. The next night it was filet mignon and baked taters over maple fire, I left that a little hotter for the steaks, man everything was awesome!! biggrin.gif

My mom was trying to figure out how the pork had that great wood flavor without it being in our smoker!!!
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Dang Shell, don't you know nutin? Your suppose to cook chops over a huge, flameing, black smoke, belching fire made of PINE trees. icon_mad.gif Dang it sweetie, I've taught you every thing I know, and ya still don't know nuthin. redface.gificon_wink.gificon_wink.gif haha, sound like something I will try as soon as we can build a fire! Terry
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Lots of fun discovering new ways to cook ... my brother has been doing just that this year and he sure loves it! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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We did that once with some thick pork steaks, it is amazeing the ring and flavor you can get with just coals, great eats.
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okay.......for a old man who has to have sh*t drawn out for him........hehehheee...........just ask pigcircles and meowy

planning this weekend (depending on weather) doing a campout on the river

i am taking the ol ecb.......damn t-bone.....i could use a name for mine also, tho its no where the massive beast you buildt

but using the campfire, has a interesting sound to it

how was the meat cooked.......besides using heat, for you folks out there that couldn't resist being smarypants.........icon_biggrin.gif

or should i say.......how was it "smoked"?

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Shellbellc....steaks are awesome done on a pit like that ....we done some thick prime ribs steak that way at a buddies camp, they were great once we scrapped off the sand when a drunken buddy of ours kicked them into the pit eek.gif ...lol , couldn't throw them rib steaks away icon_mrgreen.gif
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Walking Dude & anyone else,

I dodn't know if this helps explain how or why any better, but this thread I read a while ago is awsome. It talks (and walks you thru) how cooking over red embers is "the true way" to smoke. SoFlaQuer posted it a while back and it is a very interesting. It is basically just like cooking over a camp fire in your own yard.


Hope it helps.
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but thats not really a campfire

more like making coals for stick burning smokers

i am more wondering how to smoke with burnt down embers of a campfire......IN the campfire, to smoke food, if i understand what the others were saying earlier in this thread

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