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Here come da Ribs

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Here's what goin on tommorrow, they been soaking in Boones farm apple blossom wine all day. just got done rubbin and wrappin then into the fridge.
Got a couple of fatties to go on too. gonna do 1 with peppers and cheddar/jalpeno cheese, the other gonna make a reverse western omlet and stuff the eggs and peppers, onions and some pepperoni into it, mouths watering already..

Prepping the house for paint so i'll be in the smoke all day man it sucks to be me
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Ribs are lookin good. Keep those Q-views coming.
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Looks like you're of to a good start linescum. Be sure we stay in the loop.
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and on that note i feel the need fer feed.. leftovers- ribs,fatty,pulled ham, & a slice of pork w/ hard over eggs, smoked cheddar,hashies, & home dun salsa. oh ya- fergot the 32oz chilled milk chaser.biggrin.gif
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What's the vinatge on the Boone's Farm you're using? About two weeks? icon_wink.gif
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lmao - i saw boone's farm today - thats almost like hennesy now....
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Good Gawd, they still make that stuff?! I remember that was the cheapest buzz when I was a teen... Boones Farm - a dollar nine and yer feelin' fine! PDT_Armataz_01_32.gif
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Lookin good, I have to get my chicken ready for the 4th. I have a 13# chicken on order, durn thing looks like a turkey.
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just pit the feast on the ECB and i'm starvin already..here's some Q-View of a stuffed fatty and a western omlet fatty. the one in the pan has gr. pepper tomato, shredded colby cheese some pepperoni and diced ham oh yeah a little onion...the other just some cheese and pepper. hopefully i can get some work done cause i'll be scraping and primering in the vicinity of the "smoke"
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It all looks great linescum!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Wow! Boones Farm? How does that actually turn out flavorwise? I know there's a lot of sugar in that stuff... Seriously - I'd really like to know how this turns out. They look good!

Speaking of "a dollar nine and yer feelin' fine," what about Thunderbird? "What's the word? / Thunderbird / How's it sold? / Good and cold / What's the jive? / Bird's alive / What's the price? / Thirty twice."

- Anthony
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LOL!! Thanks, I forgot about T-bird! Ahhh, the memories, the hangovers... eek.gif
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or "mad dog" 20/20 plum supreme ??? PDT_Armataz_01_32.gif there's also the$.99 beers, hurricane(spewicane) & magnum 44(w/ the gold tooth in the bottom).
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MD 20/20... now there's a concocshun! They called it wine, but there wasn't one grape in it! icon_eek.gif
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2 hours in

here's the grub at 2 hours, been spraying with apple cider and apple blossom. the fatties are almost done and good thing to i'm about ready to start gnawing on my dogs leg
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aww man that looks good.
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Okay, now I'm hungry! Lookin' real good!
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Fatties are done

just took the fatties off and man it is awesome. just nibbled cause of the ribs later but i know what tommorrows breakfast will be. the eggs top it off great along with the peppers and onions and tomatos.. ribs are about ready to foil and the wifes complaining, when ain't she, that i'm dragging my feet with the priming. Man doesn't she realize i'm Q'ing
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and on that note i think it's time for breakfast now,my last chunk of the stuffed bacon wrapped fatty... think i may have to buy shares of jimmy dean stock..icon_surprised.gif
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Oh man those fatty's look good! I really need to eat now!
- Anthony
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