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what you described there,  core it but not all the way and cut like a X,   that's a blooming onion cutter,  i have 2,  one for small and one for large onions,  i use these to cut and then foil the onions and add butter and spices then then put on the coals of the campfire and there excellent,

  i like the idea of smoking them tho,   my first try would be to cut (or cut into smaller pieces or into rings)  using something with a small mesh on it like a jerky tray.  then cold smoke with the AMP and wood pellets,  cut up onions will dry up rather quickly on a smoke and bake, but that works well to if that's the goal you wanting.    one way i like is using a med sized  sauce pan,  put the cut up onions in it and fill with BEER boil  onion till soft, use on hot dogs burgers and such,,  good eats

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Sounds like the BEST "French Onion Soup" ever, Maybe top it or stuff cuts with some Cheese perhaps Gouda which is GREAT Smoked anyway.

Just a thought

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Bump.    Think it's time to do some onions

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Wonder if im doing something wrong? Ive done onions 2 times and bith times they taste bitter. Has anyone else had this problem in the past and hiw did you fix it. Also i did use vidalia onions so i think those are as sweet as you can get ,although i could be wrong. Thx for any help.
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****Just bumping this****


I always do this when I luck into some Aggie 1014's or some real Vidalia onions, (as I do right now).


Clean the outside, core the center but not all the way thru. I use Kraft Mexican American cheese, 1/2 a jally-peno, little salt & pepper, and a pat of butter. I never thought of bacon on top, OMG! And its too late to add the bacon now....... Oh well good excuse to do 'em, De demain!


                                           Da   **BUMP**  **BUMP**


Got a BIG Aggie 1014 in the smoker now! Then adding a whole chicken, then adding da corn..... Mmmmmmmm.............. ZOMG its too late to make bread.....

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