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beef shoulder roast today, along with a butt, beans, and potatoes

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here is a pic of the shoulder roast i smoked today. i forgot to get one before i sliced it. i also did a boneless boston butt roast (pulled it), wicked baked beans, and potatoes. sure was a good supper. both roasts were juicy and tender. i injected both with some of my mop before i stuck them in the smoker. i used apple juice, worcestershire sauce, and EVOO for my mop on these.
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OOOOOOOOOOOOOO yummy! Looks good and BEANS
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Hey Chris, chris you inject your roast ??? i was gonna do a bottom round ,,should i also inject it ??? what bout the mopping is that a secrete recipie ??? do u mop every hr ??? I know all these questions ??? I just wanna get like u guy`s wink wink !!! lol thanks again ....charlie
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Very nice Chris!!! Great smoke ring on the roast. Mmm Mmm good!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Lookin real grubly!!! Love that smoke ring.
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Looks good again.. as usual....PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks good and I am sure it tastes the same way.
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this was the first time i had injected anything, as i had just bought an injector. i think i will inject any roast from now on. my mop varies depending what i have on hand. usually apple juice mixed with something else. bourbon, worcestershire sauce, vegetable oil, EVOO. i have mixed 2 or 3 of them lots of times. i mop after 2 or 3 hours, then every 45 minutes to an hour. i let the rub set first before my first mop. i haven't done a bottom round roast, yet. that will be in the near future though.
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Mighty fine looking meal

Chris really looks great and hope the family enjoyed all they could handle. Don't know if it was just for the 3 of you or not but if it was i am sure there gotta be some great leftover recipies. When you have a few seconds pass some along. Maybe will come across something i have not thought of yet.

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i usually make chili with leftover smoked meat; when there is some.
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As my friends say in Kentucky.....dammitboy! That looks fine.
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Looking dang good there chris,as always. Hey theres a comp cook in waco on the 30 & 31 this month at the american legion riders at 200 tennessee west of down town. I thought about going but have another comp in Irving that same weekend at the knights of columbus hall. Thought I would pass that along in case you might want to go check it out.
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i might have to check that out, marvin. thanks for the tip.
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Wow, when you cook you go all out. Looks fantastic. From what I've seen, it looks like you, tonto & bud win "the busiest smokers" award. Lotta work, good job.

Wish you guys all lived closer to me, but then I'd be a "DangBigAL".

Whats on the menu next weekend?
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Dang I was gonna save some meat for chilli the last time you mentioned it and forgot!

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What do you use to pull your smoked meat with?

I purchased a set of Bear Paw Meat Handlers, but have not used them yet. I have done pork shoulder roasts and used forks to pull them, but it takes forever!
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i just wear a pair of nitrile gloves, and use my hands.
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Ah! you do it the old fashioned way!
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