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old fashion sausage

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went to southern states today and they sold a old fashion sausage mix, called OLD MANSION SOUTHERN SAUSAGE, i mixed up about 25 pounds of vension and pork and beef, 50% deer then 30% beef and 20% pork. boy thats some good

sausage mix.



going to let sit in the fridge overnight and then wrap in saran wrap and then freezer wrap them.




those pork casing are a pain to get open and put on the stuffer, do not know if its really worth using them

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Looks good.

Don't give up on natural casings. Read the link I sent in your message about extra casings. If you follow the directions in that thread it will make using natural casings a breeze.
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 i read but i really did not understand it.


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Check your local butcher shops and grocery store meat counters.  A lot of them will sell you casings from their batches.  You want to find someone who uses "tubed casings" that are pre-sleeved on a plastic tube that slides over your stuffing horn.  You then pull the plastic out and the casing stays on the stuffing horn ready to use.


You can buy tubed  or sleeved casing from a lot of online sausage making supply sources, but I usually go to my local butcher as he will sell as little as a single tube.  I know it's fresh as he goes through casings like crazy.  That way I don't have to buy a bunch of tubes that sit in my fridge waiting on my next sausage making session when I only need one or two tubes.  Also I've found that even though he charges a little bit more per tube, it's about the same as I don't pay shipping and again, I know they are fresh.  It's also a good idea to pick up some steaks from the butcher from time to time to keep a good relationship with them.


Some butchers will also have tubed sheep casings for smaller sausage and natural casing hot dogs.

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dward 51 thats some good info THANKS, it is hard to find a butcher around here, most of the meat comes pre packaged, but they are some. i have never heard of pre sleeved casings, how do you wash the salt inside and out. thats sounds like a great idea


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got up this morning and wrapped the sausage in saran wrap and freezer paper.



fried some up this morning, those sausage were worth every minute of the work.


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Nice job Danny!



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Looks good,glad go hear you like it.
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Those look good and seem to be stuffed well.

The casings take some getting used to, but so much better than collagen.

Here's a source for tubed casings.
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cranky thats a pretty good website there. i will be using them.


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Originally Posted by dannylang View Post

cranky thats a pretty good website there. i will be using them.

You won't be disappointed. They ship fast and are very knowledgeable. A bit more expensive than some others, but the customer service sold me on them.

Hope and pray that you get put on hold if you call. The guy that's recorded is the original owner. He sounds like a Saturday morning western narrator.
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You soak them in water before use. Here is a Youtube video on tubed hog casings.  It's a different company, but they all work the same.There is no audio to this video, but it covers it in about 41 seconds.  Although I'm getting mine from a local source currently, I've heard a lot of respectable people say good things about Walton's products in multiple forums.



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