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Christmas menu

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Hi guys. I need to come up with a Christmas menu for my smokehouse restaurant. Any ideas on starters and Mains please?
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My family always does Prime Rib for Christmas so, of course, that is my suggestion...and once I started smoking the prime rib, that is the only way we do it now.  


To speed things up and get better smoke flavor I smoke it in single-bone sections.  Takes about 50-60 minutes at 225F for medium rare.  I cut the single bone section in half and serve it smoked side down.

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Can't go wrong with Prime rib.


During the holidays the forum is full of Prime rib cooks.


Fun to look at them all.

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Yea I second the prime rib!


Perfect holiday meal.



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I thought some more about starters and mains...



  • Salads (Ceasar and house)
  • Soup?  French Onion, potato leek, veggie with a little barley
  • bread/butter or dinner rolls



  • Baked tater (of course)
  • cheesy jalapeno twice baked potato
  • garlic mashed taters
  • creamy scalloped potato option
  • Yorkshire pudding
  • rice option (maybe)
  • green beans with pulled pork
  • corn
  • mixed veggies


Time for lunch - cheers!

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