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Brisket #2!

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Some friends asked me to smoke a brisket for their anniversary party so I'm smoking this one so I have one more under my belt before then.


16lb whole packer brisket.  Trimmed the fat down to a bit less than a 1/4".  Pre salted with Kosher salt yesterday.  Rubbed with Big Bad Beef rub and put it in the smoker at 5:30.


Here's how I lit my charcoal...


Big ol' pile of coal!




Lit a little pile of coal.




Added the little pile to the big pile!



Here's a shot of the Brisket when I put her in.  At that time the smoker was at 219F and the brisket was at 50F.



Two and a half hours in and the smoker is at 240F and the meat is at 99F.

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Off to a good start.
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5.5 hours in.  Brisket is hovering in the 140s for about 2 hours.  At 147 now.  I like this Pit Pal app, lets me make a chart of my progress.


Here's a pic...


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Looking great!drool.gif
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Sure looks good so far!



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