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Looks great!
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Thanks for your service Brother! Also, sorry about your dog...enjoy this 4th and the Freedom we have. I smoked my first 7lb Brisky on Sat....did a 10hr smoke with was niccceee! sausage.gif
Yours looks realll nice too! Yall have a good 4th!
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Sorry to hear about your Dog. They become family members pretty quick and its a hard thing to loos them.


That Brisket looks wonderful, Great Job  points1.png



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Dang it man that looks great,,, sorry I was late to the party


Sorry to hear about your dog,



A full smoker is a happy smoker :points:



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Awesome brisky smoke, looks perfect ! Sorry to hear bout your dog, they become part of the family ! Thank you for your service to our great USA !
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