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New! New! New Fella to smokin'!

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Hello everyone!
Very nice forum here, glad to have found ya's!
My wife bought a Backyard Grill brand offset from Wally's world for Father's Day ( & a HFD to all you dads).
I know it's not high dollar, but for cutting me teeth, let's see what it can do....
I read here before joining about a "curing/seasoning" thread, but couldn't find it? Can anyone post a link directing me to it? And thank you in advance.
I'm a firewood guy-only source of heat- so I know a thing or two about fire in general.
Really looking forward to picking up on some great tips/advice and info here, and kickin around a bit with all y'all Pro's.icon14.gif
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Welcome to the site!  I just used the search magnifier for a seasoning an offset smoker search and got tons of results.  I can't point you to a specific thread, there are many.  Try the search and I'll bet you'll recognize the thread you're searching for.



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Glad to have you with us!



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