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New here - is this MES 40 a good deal?

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Hello, new to the site.  Not necessarily new to smoking (although I'm no expert, I have a small charcoal smoker I use a few times a year).  My whole family loves smoked food, but I just don't have time some days to sit and watch the smoker all day on a weekend. So I've been thinking maybe would be nice to have an alternative, either an electric or propane smoker and not have to babysit all day.  So my wife told me to pick one out for Father's Day (Yes!!!) so I've been lurking here a bit researching.  


So I've decided on an electric smoker and have been narrowing down my choices - Seems like Masterbuilt is highly regarded.  I found this deal today at Sam's Club...seems like a very good deal on the MES 40?


So would this be considered the 'Gen2.5' that I've read about?  Anyone have any experience with this particular model?


Looking forward to reading and learning more here from all the experts!!!

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It is the gen 2.5, and it is a good deal.  The only slight detraction is the interior is aluminized steel.  The one on amazon is stainless steel. 


If you plan to cook a lot and are concerned about longevity the extra money might be worth it.

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If it was me and was gonna spend that I would look at the smokin it smokers. Alot more bang for your buck
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I agree with recommending Smokin-it but as with most things in life, budget plays a large role in the decision making process. Although the SI is more expensive than a MES, I too consider it a better value in the long run (more bang for the buck). But a budget is a budget,  Enjoy whatever you get and happy smoking.

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I agree
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I bought the one at Sams about 6 weeks ago and it works FANTASTIC. I highly recommend it. Like you, the set it forget mentality is more my style as well. Have done ribs, whole chickens, pork shoulder and a brisket now. They all turned out to perfection! Couldn't be happier!

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