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Mango wood smoked Chicken wings (Q-view)

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Hello all,


Wanted to test the new mods for my double barrel smoker that i have built; so I whipped up 4 lbs of wings.

I brined 2 lbs and rubbed the other 2 lbs with magic dust (as a trial)



I have added a new chimney and glass-wool insulation around the drums.




After reaching 250F, all 4 lbs go into the drum.



Some thin blue smoke...



All is done with some of my own wing sauce



Just a question, some of the wings came out a bit rubbery, like the skin dried up. How can I avoid this?

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Looks great!

Higher temp smokes (300-350 pit temp) will solve the rubbery skin issue. If you can't that high throw them on a hot grill or into a hot oven for a few minutes at the end. This goes for all poultry. Higher temps are needed.

Making sure that the skin is really dry prior to smoking helps too. Air drying in the fridge over night is best. If you don't have time you can use a hairdryer on low heat right before putting them in the smoker.
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They look good to me. I take it you live somewhere that mango trees grow? I wish I could get some mango wood up here in Washington.

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Thanks dirtsailor for the advice, I will make sure I do that next time.


We have Mango trees in Egypt, in fact we have like 14 different types of mangoes here. I got the wood from the trees I have in my backyard. I will be saving more wood this year for the future.

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Your wings look really good from here!


Nice job!


I usually crisp mine up on a hot gas grill!



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