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smoked octopus

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Hi guys.
I like smokin new kind of food. Today I bought a 3 kg nice octopus and I'm plannin smokin it but honestly I'm little confused. Duration, temperature, cold/hot smoking ??
Need ur help guys.
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I,ve never done it, but this might help;


or just google "smoked octopus" and see what comes up.

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It sounds delicious. I know if it's not cooked correctly it will be chewy. But smoked octopus really sounds good. Hope you can figure out the best way to smoke it. Sorry but no help here.



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Octopus is like squid, its either a very very short or a very low and slow, or its a rubber band.

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OK. Is it better to smoke it directly on the smoker grill or in a pan foil covered ??
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You might check Leah's Threads I believe she smoked some octopus.....LOL... believe it or not this is just a small portion of available threads on smoked octopus.


Smoked Octopus Salad for a Fabulous Friday!


For The Love Of Octopus!


Simple Smoked Octopus For Your Saturday!


Octopus,bacon & foraged greens.


Typical Monday Morning Octopus!!!!!!


Smoked Octopus "Super Quickie" Saturday Lunch!



So is it an awesome search engine or what?

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So finally. I smoke the octopus for two hours @ 240°F. It was OK.nice but too much smoky.
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Originally Posted by jihedktari View Post

So finally. I smoke the octopus for two hours @ 240°F. It was OK.nice but too much smoky.


Just think though, next time you'll have it perfect. Its what first time smokes are all about. I am surprized that Leah didn't mention a short smoke it all those links above. She probably didn't even think about it.

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