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So many questions....

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So our kids got us a MES for Christmas. I decided To do a brisket today, so yesterday I read, and read, and read. many options!

First I preseasoned it last night, and put my bag rubs on the (untrimmed) brisket ..approx 7#. This am...I soaked my wood chips, plugged in smoker. So good. When temp reached about 230...I opened it to put in brisket, water, chips. When I closed it, temp was down to 100. (yes..a cold am in Kansas) do I need to preheat the smoker? Seemed to be a waste of time.

22nd ?... For 7 lb it really 1.5 he/ 10 hrs at 225*? I didn't plan on eating at 8 pm tonight. :(

Any advice welcome. Thanks!
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Welcome KC!  It's difficult to rush a brisket.  They are done when they are done.  And yes as a rule of thumb 1.5 hours per pound.  Most of us cook to an internal temperature rather than time.  Good luck with you smoke.

And again, Welcome!


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