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Need a quick opinion.  Second time doing brisket, first time wrapping it in parchment paper at the stall point (171 for me).  After wrapping it the temps are increasing quite quickly, and I am a bit concerned it is getting done too quickly.  I know from the myriad of threads it really depends, and to start testing for tenderness from anywhere from 195-200.  My first experience with the unwrapped brisket seemed to hit the 1.5 hr/lb almost perfectly.  This is a whole brisket 14lb untrimmed, probably 12 trimmed, thickness varies a bit from 2'' to 3.5 at the thickest (where my probe is). 


I based my timing off my previous brisket, and I am a bit afraid of not having a good result to bring to thanksgiving.  Cooking on an MBE 40'' at 225-235.  Temp is about 188 after 9 hours. Using a prime cut.