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Smoking a Thanksgiving turkey

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Hey guys, I'm not new to smoking but just finished my first UDS smoker a couple of weeks ago and have only cooked a couple of things in it. I am planning on smoking a Turkey (15-18lb) for Thanksgiving. I have my own rub and prep methods, I just haven't cooked in this thing long enough to learn it's habits and wandering if anyone can give me any tips as to temps to maintain and amount of time that it should take, wrap or unwrapped and such..... Thanks ahead of time !!!

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Smoke at 325-350°F just like roasting in the Oven, around 15 minutes a pound. Smoke to 165 in the Breast and 175 in the Thigh. Crispy Skin and tender juicy meat...JJ

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^^^^^ , and patience . . .
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What they said, plus this year I'll spatchcock the turkey.

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